We are a small team with big ideas

Being small also means we are agile and can quickly adapt to the needs of our clients. It also means that when those clients speak to us, they’re speaking directly to the people who care about their brands.

Here we are:

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Office Goals

Whether we are branding a product, making a music video or planning an event, we exist to deliver ideas with impact. Good design reinforces a company’s values, shapes opinion, provides continuity and offers a vision for their audience to buy into.

We love being creative - let's play.

Creativity comes from problem solving, so understanding our client’s problem, helps us to find a unique way to solve it. We believe that knowledge of how our clients see both their customers and themselves, gives us the tools to release their potential.


Your brand is how your potential customers see you. When executed well, good branding allows an audience to differentiate your product or service from your competitors. It's not just a logo, it's a connection, a gut feeling, recognition   FOUNDLING is at its heart a brand design agency; we talk to new and existing businesses and seek to realise the full potential of their ideas.


When you consider how irresistible video content is, it is hard not to see it as an investment. At FOUNDLING, we create videos and short films that are entertainingly persuasive , allowing your business to simultaneously advertise their product, while building trust and having the added bonus of the viewer sharing what they have seen to new potential customers.


We humans understand meaning wrapped up in a single image much faster than discovering it in paragraphs of text. At FOUNDLING we pride ourselves on our ability to create fresh approaches to how our message is sent out into the world using anything from infographics to character design.


With a mobile phone in every pocket, the need for good photography can be easily overlooked. At Foundling, we deliver a professional packages to give your business a consistent look that sells your brand story and helps the viewer understand your ethos.  Good considered photography can be a great way to introduce yourself to the world and means that you get the images you need.