Michelle Taylor | Celebrant

The funky celebrant who can add colour and life to any celebration
"A ceremony. a celebration, a place for giving, affirmation." - Michelle Taylor - Ceremony
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  • After winning the Wedding Industry’s, Eastern Region Award for Celebrant of the Year 2018, Michelle Taylor wisely wanted to capitalise on this accolade and rebrand for her ‘Golden Year’. As a celebrant, Michelle stands apart from the crowd, preferring to make a bold statement both visually and in her writing, rather than blending in to the standard wedding template. Keen to make sure that her infectious personality didn’t filtered out of her brand, we proposed a strategy that placed it front and centre.
  • Project Brief
  • The purpose of this project was to holistically rebrand Michelle, ensuring all assets reflected her effervescent personality. A new brand identity was required, that simply and effectively gave potential clients a taste of what you get when you book Michelle for an event. The promotional video needed to match Michelle’s dynamic personality, so Foundling scripted the idea of a poem read in multiple locations, and an array of characters, to reinforce that ceremonie aren’t purely for Weddings and Funeral, they are for every important event in our lives. Stationery, logo, website/social media content in the form of a 1-2 minute promotional video and three 30 second FAQ videos were produced, ready for the start of wedding season to launch Michelle Taylor - the Brand.
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Holistic brand redesign focusing product design, interface design, studio photograph style, icon design, editorial design, web design & motion design.
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