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‘I’ve got eyes that don’t see, cuts that don’t bleed, lungs that can’t breathe and a mouthful of broken teeth’- Broken Teeth - Killatrix
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  • After the release of their first E.P., Essex band Killatrix were keen to return with a renewed strength and want to make a bold visual statement about which way the new material is headed. For the promo video visuals, the band felt that it was important to portray the conflict and emotion of the track in a measured way, that still felt raw. Foundling’s concept, was to create a black and white promo that captured artistic imagery, alongside frantic performances, representing the energy and intent of the track.
  • Project Brief
  • To create a promo video for the single ‘Broken Teeth’, including supporting photography for the release, to showcase the band new image and musical progression. As the visual impact of the video needed to be strong, every element had to be considered, in this instance, including designing and creating the singers fitted black vinyl outfit, which caught the light beautifully on camera. To finish, still’s from the video shoot were taken and a separated photoshoot undertaken to ensure that the bands image was clear to see.
Broken Teeth | Killatrix
When the lights go down and all I feel is what's forever now; you've got to fix this.
It feels like everything we're sick of, came here to trick us, bad times and rip-offs, hold back the jitters.
Broken Teeth - Killatrix